#HOTD(retro rolls)

retro rollsIMG_1532IMG_1521IMG_1535IMG_1290IMG_1491IMG_1234IMG_1235IMG_1517

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going great! Today’s hairstyle is a look i’m planning on wearing for a Halloween costume party this weekend. I absolutely adore the retro pin up look, i think it’s so feminine and chic, and i love how playful it is. I have a polka dot midi dress that would go perfect with this hairstyle which is great because i really didn’t want to go out buy a costume. This hairstyle is pretty simple to do, it just requires your hair to be curled and rolled in to pin curls sprayed and pinned. Hope you like it.


#OOTD(pretty wild ‘n oversize)

IMG_1630IMG_1652IMG_1642IMG_1627IMG_1662IMG_1634 IMG_1664Forever 21 Sweater, DIY Skirt, Call It Spring Boots, Chanel Purse.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’m wearing my favorite oversize comfy sweater which i paired over a skirt i made during the summer while i was taking some sewing classes (see post here). I paired it with my oversize sweater and the boots for a more casual look. The skirt and top together is quite dressy so this is a great way to dress it down for a day look, but can be easily transformed for a night on the town. Let me know what you think.


#OOTD(Vedette Shapewear ‘CARINE’)

Carine shapewearIMG_7241IMG_7188 IMG_7108IMG_7221 IMG_7274 IMG_7294 IMG_7336Carine shapewear 2Bebe Dress, Vedette Shape wear, Gomax Pumps, Local Boutique Clutch.

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. Since October is pink month, i took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite pink dresses for today’s post which i’ve only worn a couple of times (even though i’ve had it for many years) because it can be a bit unflattering sometimes unless you do about 500 crunches and skip dinner lol. I bought it for an event that required wearing pink but thought it was so pretty, i just haven’t felt great in it for quite sometime, so when Vedette sent me the ‘CARINE‘ shape wear, i immediately thought of this dress and well let’s just say they delivered again with this one. I can’t begin to describe how excited i felt to be able to wear this dress again.This shape wear is simply amazing and it’s going to save me from worrying about wearing any fitted dresses that can be difficult to wear those times when i’m just not feeling i’m in the best of shape. This shape wear, much like the ‘STELLA‘ Swimwear i posted a few months ago (see here) cinches you in the waist to give you that hour glass shape that make you feel sexy and confident. I definitely recommend checking out the Veddete store and pick up a shapewear for your self, it’s life changing.

Have a wonderful day!



midnightIMG_0892IMG_0858IMG_1032IMG_1061 IMG_0944 IMG_1023

Happy Thursday! Hope your day is going great!. I did this makeup Saturday evening and it just so happened last minute i had to go drop something off for my 8 year old nephew at my sisters. Upon arrival and as usual my two nephews and niece ran to the door to give me a group hug, so after a few seconds my 4 year old niece took a step back, looked at me and with a very concerned look in her eyes and a very sad sound in her voice said, Auntie what HAPPEN to your EYE!!???. My sister and i had a few minutes of pure laughter. I guess the next time i decide to make a last minute drive to my sisters house i better not have a dramatic eye makeup like this one on lol. I definitely don’t wear this kind of look very often but occasionally, and more so for a dramatic MOTD post i opted to do this look. I kept my lips and cheeks fairly natural and used Motives eye shadow called ‘constellation’ on my crease and blended it all the way to the brow bone and used ‘green apple’ shadow also by Motives on the inner part of my lids and blended both under the eyes and went over the lash line with ‘steel flash’ pencil by Revlon for some dept. Let me know what you think.


#HOTD(tossed up)

tossed upIMG_0778IMG_0818IMG_0833 IMG_0762 IMG_0785 IMG_0791

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going great so far. I’m showing you another HOTD involving all braids today but i went higher up this time. I normally wear this kind of look more in the summer, but i wanted to do a post with a casual up style. You just need a few bobby pins, hairspray and hair ties. 1, Section off the crown of your hair and make a pony with it. 2, Make three loose braids out of your pony and tie the ends of each braid. 3, wrap the braids around the pony loosely, spray and secure them with bobby pins. 3, With the rest of your hair, and the parting of your choice, make two loose braids one on each side starting from the front and going around to the center of the back, (be sure to pick up hair loosely towards the crown as you braid) tie the ends and pin it in to your pony. Loosen up the braid and repeat the same steps on the other side.