Cross, stripes x dots 12Cross, stripes x dots 1Cross, stripes x dot 4Cross, stripes x dots 5Cross, stripes x dots 6Cross, stripes x dots 8Cross, stripes x dots 10Cross, stripes x dots 11Forever 21 Crop Top, Forever 21 sleeveless High Low Shirt, Call it Spring Boots, Local Boutique Clutch.

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week! Mine has been super busy and continues until Sunday, but i’m not complaining because i’ll be off all of next week and most of the week after(so excited)! looking forward to some R&R. My outfit today was super fun to pull since i decided to use three of my favorite shapes in one outfit. It’s fresh and fun, and i like how the oversize cross adds that strong and edgy touch to the look, and how about it for this ‘Call It Spring’ thigh high?? i’m going into my third winter with these boots and they still feel like new everything i put them on. I just love a great buy. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


#HOTD(classic up-do)

Classic updo 9Classic updo 10 Classic updo 8Classic updo 3Classic updo 5Classic updo 1

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week so far. With holiday parties in full swing i decided to show you one of my go to up-do looks which is a very classic style, great for many occasions and goes well with just about any outfit. This look is also very easy to create. Starting with previously curled hair, section off the entire front area and clip it out of the way. Make a very high pony with the remaining back and crown area. Take small sections out of your pony and pin it around the entire crown area until you run of of hair(be sure to spray the pieces as you go). Bring the remaining front sections in to the crown area in to your desired style and pin in to place.

Have a wonderful day!


#OOTD(e-Shakti chambray jumper)

e-Shakti jumper 13e-Shakti jumper 2

e-Shakti jumper 4e-Shakti jumper 6e-Shakti jumper 7e-Shakti jumper 9e-Shakti jumper 10e-Shakti jumper 11e-Shakti jumper 12e-Shakti Jumpsuit, Call it Spring Heels, F21 Coat.

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was fantastic. Today I’m wearing this amazing jumper that i received from ‘eshakti.com‘ an online fashion boutique for women. They asked me to select a piece from their collection to try out which was super exciting but really hard because they have so many gorgeous pieces on there i could look through this site for days! I decided on this chambray jumpsuit which as soon as i tried on i knew i had found another staple piece for my wardrobe. The fabric is so soft and i’m really impressed with the quality and the fit, and i love the effortless chic look of the style. This jumpsuit it perfect for those i don’t know what to wear moments. The color is so versatile which i love! It can be worn with flip flops or sneakers for a super casual look, or to work and also be jazzed up for a night out. I was also very excited to find out that e-Shakti will customize their items for you. HOW COOL!! I can’t wait to get shopping and customizing i’m already eyeing some pieces on eshakti.com. I will highly recommend checking out their website especially if you find it annoying sometimes to find clothes that fit you in all the right places. Let me know how you like it.


#OOTD(purple hues)

Snow day with hunter 17Snow day with hunter 3 Snow day with hunter 5 Snow day with hunter 11 Snow day with hunter 12Snow day with hunterSuzy Shier Blazer, H&M Pants, Le Chateau Jacket, Hunter Boots Call It Spring Purse.

Happy Friday!Hope your week was great. Toronto got dumped with another storm yesterday and i have to say it wasn’t as stressful as the last storm we had because i didn’t have to do any long drives during rush hour. I really wanted to take photos of my outfit outside in our winter wonderland but i just couldn’t do it because the snow was coming down pretty heavy. I did have to do a bit of walking so i opted to wear my hunter boots which if layered properly with socks is brilliant for trekking around in the snow which is exactly what i did and even added the purple leg warmers and matched it with this lovely purple scarf for a cute and extra cozy feel. Hope you like it :)

Have a Blessed and wonderful weekend!


#HOTD #MOTD(bows and sparkles)

2014-12-09 23.16.562014-12-09 23.16.26Bows and sparkles 4Bows and sparkles 32014-12-09 23.33.26

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going great. Last Saturday, a long awaited event at the ‘Rogers Center’ In Toronto called ‘Sensation white’, which is an annual event that a good friend of mine had attended in the past and was adamant about me coming along this year. There was so much hype about this all white event so i decided to go on YouTube to look it up so i’ll have an idea what i was getting my self in to. I have to say it looked very intimidating with the crowd being so large but i was quite excited about some of the extravagant hair and makeup looks which motivated me to go along. The event was a lot of fun and i was quite amazed with the special effects and a very impressive line up of DJ’s from around the world. I made a bow out of my hair as you can see and went with a very sparkly look on my eyes which seemed quite fitting for the event.

2014-12-10 00.13.12 2014-12-10 00.25.322014-11-30 02.54.11