#OOTD(that BCBG dress)

IMG_1178IMG_1182IMG_1177 IMG_1186 IMG_1192BCBG Dress, Old Navy Jacket, Club Couture Pumps, Chanel purse.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I’m wearing a BCBG dress that has been with me for about 9 years. I am absolutely still in love with this dress after all these years, not sure if i will ever be able to willingly get rid of it lol. It’s such classic cut and the colors are appropriate for almost every occasion. I’ve worn it for many occasions and as you can probably tell from this post i’ve paired it with many colors as well (hello yellow!;). I was originally going to pair it with a red jacket and red pumps but i decided to go for some sunshine instead:), let me know what you think.


#OOTD(casual Friday with leopard)

IMG_6539IMG_6550IMG_6570IMG_6564 IMG_6578IMG_6584Top Bebe, Jeans Urban Outfitters, Sneakers and Vest Forever 21.

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. I’m loving this casual look for today and of course whenever i decide to add ┬áleopard into any outfit i always end up with more leopard than i plan, that also tend to happen when i wear purple too lol i wonder what that means;0). I was going stop at just the sneakers and the vest, but then this leopard purse just magically appeared in my hand and i couldn’t put it away, i think it ties the whole outfit together though. Let me know what you think.


#HOTD(braided chignon)

HOTDIMG_0437 IMG_0459 IMG_0477 IMG_0493IMG_0467IMG_0435 IMG_0543

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week!:) Today’s HOTD (hair of the day) is one of my favorites for many occasions, It can be dressed up or down because of the braids and it’s also very easy to do. You just need a few bobby pins, hair ties and hairspray. 1, Section the entire front part of your hair and clip it away. 2, Section the crown area and tease it and clip that away as well. 3, Pull the entire back section in to a side pony and make a loose braid with it, tie the end of the braid with a small elastic and pull the braid apart to loosen it up, spray it and wrap it around the pony and pin it with your bobby pins. 4, With the sectioned off hair left in the front, create a part of your choice and make two braids one on each side (be sure to leave desired pieces in the front and sides), starting from the top of your section and braid it towards the back, secure with elastic and wrap it around the pinned braids making sure the secure it with pins. 5, Smooth the teased crown section and pin it in to the back and spray to secure it.


#OOTD(borrowed from the boys)

IMG_6643IMG_6627IMG_6716IMG_6590 s
IMG_6688 IMG_6706IMG_6684Suzy Shier Blazer, H&M Pants, Forever 21 Heels, Gifted Bag.

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine still continues since it’s Thanksgiving today in Canada (Happy Thanksgiving:). I feel silly posting this outfit today since it’s a holiday here and this outfit looks like i’m ready to go kick some serious Butts in a meeting lol, but it is Monday and i usually feel like kicking everyone’s butt on Mondays so it seems fairly appropriate;). This is one of my favorite looks which i don’t go for very often because i prefer to dress more feminine but the feisty side of me just feels very confident in this type of looks(notice how i keep saying kicking butts in this outfit;) lol Let me know what you think.


#MOTD(vintage glam)

MOTDIMG_0361IMG_0379 IMG_0363 IMG_0376 IMG_0359IMG_0377

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. Today’s MOTD is my go to look for those glamorous occasions and night on the town especially when i’m wearing neutral color outfits. I tend to keep my makeup collection fairly small and use more of the same color on different areas of my face, so for my brow bone, eye lids and as a highlighter i used vintage glam by Motives which i wear almost everyday day but piled more on for this look, and used the color dynasty in my crease and paradise shadow as a liner (also by motives) for a slightly smokey look. My lip color is a mix of lipsticks and liners from Avon and golden bronze by Mac on my cheeks. Let me know what you think:).

Wishing you a Safe and Blessed weekend!