#OOTD(wild Friday)

wild friday 4

wild friday 3 wild friday 5 wild friday 7 wild friday 11

Forever 21 Sweater, H&M Pants, Call It Spring Flats, Chanel Purse.

Happy Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week. Today’s outfit is kind of like the cheat day when you’re on a diet because, i put the least amount of thought in getting dressed which is nice sometimes, especially on Fridays. I could easily dress up this look by pairing it with pumps or high heel boots but i love the more relaxed and casual look with the flats, but more importantly way more comfy lol. Have a wonderful weekend!


#OOTD(blocked in blue)

blocked in blue 14blocked in blue 6blocked in blue 2 blocked in blue 11blocked in blue 3 blocked in blue 4 blocked in blue 7 blocked in blue 10 Bebe Dress, Le’Chateau Coat, Amazon Boots, Gifted Bag,

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week so far. I’ll be the first to admit i was ready to pack up and move to California after the last winter we had here in Toronto, but some how this winter is been pretty good so far, (not sure i can say the same for my friends in NY though, ouch!) so good i’m already incorporating my summer wardrobe in to my outfits, something i don’t normally do until March. I’m really loving the grunge look that the ripped stockings and the over the knee socks gave this outfit. Let me know what you think. :)



#OOTD(feeling feminine in orange ‘n khaki)

orange 'n khaki 7

orange 'n khaki 14 orange 'n khaki 9 orange 'n khaki 10 orange 'n khaki 11 orange 'n khaki 12 orange 'n khaki 13

Zara Blazer, Local Boutique Skirt and Clutch, Style Luxe Pumps via UrbanOG.

Happy Monday! Hope you had wonderful weekend. I went for a feminine and classic look for today’s post. I’m not sure about you, but the oversized coat and blanket wearing trend that’s going around in fashion is really not working for me. I tried on one of the giant wraps and coat the other day and i looked like the homeless lady from home alone 2 with the pigeons. I’m not one to follow trends but i was seeing that look every where and thought i’d give it a try but no thanks, as much as i love to push the limits with fashion, i feel sometimes it’s nice just look feminine. Let me know what you think. :)


#OOTD(simple and dotted)

simple & dotted 11simple & dotted 1simple & dotted 2simple & dotted 7simple & dotted 4simple & dotted 5simple & dotted 6simple & dotted 12Forever 21 Shirt, Bebe Jeans, Old Navy Coat, Shoe Company Boots, Call It Spring Purse.

Happy Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week. I discovered as i was pulling together this outfit that these boots that’s been sitting in my hallway closet sad and ignored for many years actually matches my Call It Spring Purse which i carry all the time, So of course i ran with it and pulled a fast one lol. Let me know what you think. :)


Have a wonderful weekend!